Anna's Cake Art

Art to eat


I play with food 

 All of the cake art on this website was created by me.

The banner of cakes below are all buttercream iced cakes. 

I create the same look of fondant in buttercream

or whipped cream.

It is costly and unstable to fill these cakes with fruits, custards and ganache fillings but ONLY then is it


 Art is life. Life is Delicious.

 Thank You for visiting and viewing my cake work. 

Thank You!! 


 I have noted which icing I used on each project and sometimes where the cake was on display. 


The following is NOT a fondant covered cake.

It is iced in White Chocolate Buttercream  and decorated with  gum paste petals at

the St Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts


 not fondant! Whipped Topping with Gum Paste Flowers


Whipped Topping Wedding cake, Fudge ps3, Fondant Xbox,

Rice Crispy Wii 


 Wii voted coolest rice crispy treat of 2010 


 Fort Myers, Florida 




Chocolate Fondant 

 Naples, Florida

Fort Myers Beach


Paloma's First Birthday, Spring Breeze


Paloma's First Birthday, Spring Breeze



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Book News

Published by the Toledo Blade Newspaper

 Toledo, Our Life, Our Times, Our Town

Check page 150, top left, to see me at the Toledo Zoo in front of the Polar Bears near the end of the 1960's


                       Old BOOK NEWS

To order a hard cover book of my cake art

please contact me 

These books are available for shipping worldwide

after May 15, 2011


 Older Book News

Ripley's Believe It or Not featured my photo of a bakery case full of Dog Treats that I designed and decorated.

Look for it in a previous years "Expect The Unexpected"   page 102.

I also received the photo credit in tiny letters at the back of the book.


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