Anna's Cake Art

Art to eat

Bridal & Baby Showers

 white chocolate buttercream, assorted candies and chocolate

Red Velvet SUSHI BOAT cake





Sweet Baby's Feet under the Blankey 




Shhhhhh Sugar and Spice





Cookie Crib




Apricot Brandy Cake Canopy with Whipped Topping Ruffles




Chocolate buttercream with a royal icing hood 




 Buttercream box topped with a fondant lid and a gumpaste bow.

 Hand lettering in food color.


 Buttercream tiers and booties, fondant circles and stripes




 Buttercream tiers




  buttercream tiers and booties, fondant bow, turtle, banner & dots



Pink and Sparkly, fondant cut outs

White Chocolate Buttercream over Fresh Berry Torte 




 Whipped Topping with assorted fresh berries




  buttercream with fondant cut outs





 W T



 B C 



 the nineties were all about babies











 whipped topping


Twin Christening in WT




Diaper Cake

made of 64 disposable diapers

with baby washcloths rosettes





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