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Award Winning GingerBread Cathedral

Sugar Cone Spires

This Gingerbread house won "Most Original"

in a competition held in

Tampa/St Pete

The story begins...

 We loaded the gingerbread house as two parts into our shimmery, hunter teal ford escort wagon and headed to the event.

At the destination we unloaded the two pieces from the car onto a large low cart.

A small crowd encircled us in the parking lot and followed us in, causing a mini commotion. They accompanied us to the set up, growing in size as we went along. I felt like a rock star, and maybe acted like one, too.

I was much too vain for my own good.

I assembled the Gingerbread Cathedral in my designated location at the center of the Gingerbread village display.

I should of played up the "Christ in Christmas"  connection, opting instead to title my creation, ... "Church Windows"     inspired by Twin Peaks, a tv show that I never actually watched.

There were a lot of amazing Gingerbread Creations entered in Santa's Gingerbread Village Contest.  I walked around the staging area admiring all the entrants.

I had taken entire two rolls of pictures.
I ran out of film as the sun came in through the sky lights
and seem to glow on the cathedral.

Someone passing by overheard my woes and asked if if I made that Gingerbread Creation. I replied yes and she gave me a roll of film.
I loaded the camera.
Then I took this photo of the streaming sunlight igniting the Jolly Rancher Stained Glass window and landing on the stairs leading to the Hershey Bar Front Door.

 Thank you kind and generous stranger.

rear view


The Gingerbread Contest displayed the Gingerbread entries through the Christmas holiday, and as the days went by, the Jolly Ranchers in the Stained Glass Windows started dripping a bit.

Vanity had me visiting the display each week with a pastry bag of green leaf icing adding more ivy to cover the colorful drips from the Jolly ranchers candy.

Photos at Christmas would be different from photos from the beginning of the Holiday Season, as if the Ivy was growing.



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