Anna's Cake Art

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                                        Birthday Cakes



Whipped Topping ruffled cake, French Toast flavored cupcakes

 Paloma's 7th Birthday 





  Paloma's 6th Birthday


  Whipped Topping



   White Chocolate Buttercream on Pink Velvet Cake, fondant blossoms  


 Dora, Dora, Dora for Paloma's Second Birthday


Paloma's First Birthday: Spring Breeze




Isabel's First Birthday: Beach Blanket Bash


White Chocolate Shells, buckets of yummy toppings at

The Bon Aire St Pete Beach


  Isabel's 2nd Birthday :  Hawaiian Luau                                    





  Isabel's 3rd Birthday : Surfing Invitational 



  Buttercream tiers, fondant and gum paste details






  Chocolate fondant


   Buttercream Carriage and tiers



 Fudge topped B C argyle





 Tea Party


 Whipped Topping covered Cupcake with a white chocolate handle on a sugar cookie saucer




 The number ONE on top of this cake is a

decorated rice crispy treat, mmmmmmmm.


   Buttercream tiers with a gum paste bow





  Buttercream tiers with Gum Paste flowers



We gave him the world, Organic Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Icing 1993





A Very Fine Wine

This is a fudge covered buttery yellow cake in a

white chocolate buttercream covered box-

shaped cake. The label is white chocolate.

The grape leaves are handmade from

gum paste (candy clay). Sugared Grapes

finish the presentation.




 Butter Cream poogie with gum paste ears/tail/bow and Smarties for  buttons









   B C Sweet 16





  pirates dream...fudge covered chest of sweet riches



Cappuccino Cookie Rack, Chocolate Cues and Fudge Fringe 1994

This cake was stolen from the event before the Guest of Honor could cut into it.

Stolen, like the Mona Lisa. I'm just saying.




     Whipped Topping




Cake Crumb Mover ...Whipped Topping




For Cierra,

Whipped topping  over gobs of fruit and custard fillings with sparkly ruby fondant slippers and a sparkly emerald city

surrounded by a poppy field border




 DJ Tweety, Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, with cookie records




 German Chocolate Fudge Guitar Hero (Gibson Style)


 red fondant, blue fondant, white whipped topping, fudge facial features


 Hand Carved, Fondant Covered, Keylime Cheesecake with Gum Paste Shamrocks

circa 1990



Chocolate Amaretto cake/Chocolate Mousse icing Sailboat, Gladieux Catering, Toledo, Ohio

circa 1985


Fondant Draped Sleeping Pepe,

resting against a royal icing cactus on a whipped topping cake

circa 1990



 Elvis in Space, whipped topping with fudge hair



 bettercreme & fudge with cookie cannon


 make cake, not war