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Art to eat

Sweet Sculpting, or the story of Cake Art



I bake cake. I fill cake. I carve cake. I make icing. I frost cake and then I delivery cake.

I cut cake, help serve cake and then, if offered, I will eat cake.


I prefer cake filled with many layers of different gooey, creamy, fresh and fruity fillings. A cake with all kinds of fillings tastes best with a light whipped topping. 


The Hubster likes 7 minute icing. Or carrot cake with rum soaked raisins iced in cream cheese icing.


Mom likes moist yellow cake with fudge icing.


Dad likes Boston Cream Pie.


Son says cake is a lie.


What kind of cake do you like?


If I can see it, hold it, investigate it, then it can inspire cake.


Today I recreated a watercolor invitation on a giant cake for a baby shower.

Tonight I will dream about cake.




Thank You for all the Thank You's

 I made a whipped topping covered cake, filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache and decorated it with White Chocolate Shells, Coral and Pearls and sprinkled Sugar Sand around the bottom.

 I received this email the night of the wedding :

 Thank you so much for the beautiful and absolutely delicious wedding cake. Those shells were the talk of the evening. I could not have imagined a cake as perfect as that. It was a work of art.

Thanks for the amazing work you did!

Sarah Beth

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